Anonymous asked: We don't think women are oppressed we know women are oppressed and people have to suffer through life with transphobic,homophobic, and sexist jokes their whole lives. I think guys can survive jokes on one website when they can leave and be praised. That's not saying men with mental health issues, men of color, men who live in poverty etc


How do you define “oppression”? Is being cat-called and called bossy or being denied basic human rights?

I understand complaints about the sexist jokes (because trans/homophobic jokes are definitely not something only women have to put up with), but consider this: if a guy already has a sexist attitude towards women, us making jokes, saying we want them to die, saying we don’t want male children and stuff like that it not going to make them see us as their equals, but make them think their sexism is justified. This is the complete opposite of what we’re trying to achieve here. It’s not just “hurting men’s feelings” but is literally giving sexist men reasons to be even more sexist and even going as far as turning guys into sexists. Because why the hell would they respect women who make “boys are weak” jokes on a daily basis?

- Jasmine

Ain’t no shame in holding onto grief. As long as you make room for other things too.

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